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Recognized by local city officials and the registration no. is 080122132005
Rajasthan is one place that has probably everything that one associates India with, colourful tradition and costumes, spicy dishes, festivities that has legacies of their own, oral tradition, ancient palaces, elaborate decorative, royalty and many more. Experiencing Rajasthan depends a lot on whom you travel with Royal Rajasthan India Tours is a great option that fuses quality with affordability. Our long experience in the travel industry and the local know how of Rajasthan is a great asset that helps us offer you the best travel experiences vis-vis visiting places of attraction to suit your personal interests and all the while providing an experience of hospitality that stands as a tradition of this legendary State. Our endeavor is to bring great quality service to you & have you as our privileged guest in this most amazing country called India.The company is basically into inbound travel, safety (of the guests, drivers, vehicles&others moving on the roads), emergency rescue, hygiene, & driver�s training.

About Royal Rajasthan India Tours Destinations:

Royal Rajasthan India Tours is run & managed by one of the expert team they have a vast experience of 14 years in tourism trade as a tourist driver. While traveling to different countries we found that along with defensive driving,� safety ,security, fire fighting,& emergency rescues , first 0aid, health & hygiene& eco- friendliness is necessary. But in India the ratio of road accidents & incidents which occur while driving is very high due to the negligence of these things by people.
Therefore we planned to open such a company by which we can provide the best & safest transportation & rent a car services for the people coming from overseas. With our international level of safety features for a hassle free journey in India, we started a training programme with our qualified team of experts for our drivers to train them to avoid any incidents on roads while driving. After these trainings we not only provide you a driver, but a specialized trained driver to avoid any incidents on roads.